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The Rules for Dorset Knob Throwing  





1. 3 Dorset knobs per go, furthest knob thrown is measured

2. Use only Dorset Knobs provided

3. Standing throw from marked standing point

4. Underarm throwing only

5. One foot must remain on the ground during throwing

stall holder 2   Stall holder 1
stall holder 3

6. Distance of the furthest knob only measured within the designated throwing zone, which is 5 metres wide x 32 metres long, marked in 2 metre zones, with use of measure in between marks to determine distance thrown

7. Dorset Knob measured at final resting place

8. If Dorset Knob breaks upon landing it will be the umpire’s decision of final resting place.

The competition is open to the public and entry is on a turn up and participate basis. The cost to the general public is £1 for three knobs, unlimited number of entries per person allowed. All profits made will be donated to Cattistock Cricket Club, Maiden Newton & Cattistock Football Club, The Community Space at Cattistock and the Savill Hall Cattistock.

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stall holder 5  

Dorset Knob Throwing Sunday 3rd May 2015 – Prize Winners 


Winners Name



Jonathan Harper

1st Prize – scored 55 points


Nick Gagen

2nd Prize (D)

Knob Darts

David Oglesby

Highest Score - 112

Knob Pyramid

Daniel Powne

Highest Score – 12

Putt the Knob

Zach Chantler

220 –Highest Score

Spot the Knob

Alfie Manley

L13 spot on (D)

No. of Knobs in the jar

Darren Knowles

Guessed 217. Actual number – 218. (D)

Knob Archery

Sam Ingram

22 (D)

Guess the Weight of the Big Knob

Simon Meyers

Actual Weight – 2710g (5lb 15½oz.)? Guess 2700g

Pin the Knob on the Cerne Giant

Paul Parker (D)

 E3 spot on (D)

Knob Walking

Ben Towl

2nd place scored 19 & awarded a consolation prize. Highest Score was 24 but unfortunately the contestant did not leave their contact details J

(D) = drawn from hat where one or more contestant has the same score. 


R = Record


Knob Throwing – Gent

Gent Patrick Lisoire


Knob Throwing – Lady

Alice Cowen


Knob Throwing – under 12

Jack Courtier-Dutton


Knob Eating

Daryl Poore

6 Knobs

No records broken this year unfortunately




Record winners


Knob Throwing – Dave Phillips

29.4m (R)  2012

Knob Throwing – Kelda McNeill 26.45 (R)   2012
Knob Throwing – under 12 Max Nuttall 22.55 (R)  2012
Knob Eating - Stuart Lambert 14 Knobs (R) 2012
stall holder 6




All Photos © Rupert Cake and Chris Ould