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The Rules for Dorset Knob Throwing  

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1. 3 Dorset knobs per go, furthest knob thrown is measured

2. Use only Dorset Knobs provided

3. Standing throw from marked standing point

4. Underarm throwing only

5. One foot must remain on the ground during throwing

6. Distance of the furthest knob only measured within the designated throwing zone,
which is 5 metres wide x 32 metres long, marked in 2 metre zones, with use of measure
in between marks to determine distance thrown

7. Dorset Knob measured at final resting place

8. If Dorset Knob breaks upon landing it will be the umpire’s decision of final resting place.

The competition is open to the public and entry is on a turn up and participate basis.
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All Photos © Rupert Cake